Gala Wash self- service automatic car wash will make Your car shine!


Gala Wash self-service automatic car wash enables washing the vehicles for 1.5 – 6 minutes, depending on the number of chips. It is projected to work 00-24 / 7 days a week. It is engineered to perfection, with completely reliable components of the world’s top manufacturers.

Exceptional durability, easy maintenance, the most advanced software for car wash on whole market and modern construction design are just some of the features of the Gala Wash self-service automatic car wash.


Contactless washing does not use brushes or any contact with the car, has no damage to vehicles, no paint scratching, has better flexibility in washing cars of different dimensions, no damage to mirrors and additional equipment.


In our offer we have hand wash of vehicle and internal cleaning of the car, after which the vehicle looks like a new and has a very pleasant scent . Hand wash of Your car with a chips consists several programs – washing with shampoo and warm water, washing with cold water, waxing and rinsing with distilled water so that no traces remain on Your car.

About Us
Gala Wash self-service automatic car wash exists since 2018 and has been established with an emphasis on cheap, high quality and fast car washing.
Despite the fact that we have everything in one place, what sets us apart from other car washes is that we work with modern machines and equipment from the German brand Washtec GmbH and that we use only the original chemicals (shampoo, wax) from the Belgian manufacturer NERTA, and we are doing it all at one superior level far above all others.

Gala Wash is the sole representative in Macedonia of the automatic car washing machines and equipment of the German brand Washtec GmbH – the world’s largest manufacturer of such equipment and of the washing chemicals of the Belgian manufacturer NERTA.

Gala Wash self-service automatic car wash are made with identical steel construction and concrete base with underfloor heating that warms up to 50-55 degrees Celsius, and they are located in several different locations in Skopje.

Our Mission
Gala Wash have machine for car washing outside, and in order to have our offer complete, we also have machines for internal car cleaning (suction).
If You are looking for a European way of washing You car that works on chips, then this is the right wash for You. Hand wash of Your car with chips consists of several programs – washing with shampoo and warm water, washing with cold water, waxing,  osmosis – rinsing without wiping with distilled water, which is 98% purified, which means that there will be no stains when it dries.